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    Belarus Study Visa

    The degree from Belarus is highly valued all over the world. For your higher education, if you choose Belarus, then it will be the finest decision of your academic career.

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      Belarus is a landlocked country of Europe and famous for its excellent educational system. It has a name all over the world for its scientific and IT excellence. It provides training for a broad range of experts who are ready to work successfully in the present world.

      More than 11 thousand outlanders are studying in Belarus, and every year almost 6,000 outsiders come in Belarus to study.


      How to get a Belarus Study Visa?

      The first thing you need to have for studying in Belarus is a study visa. It is a type of authentication to enter Belarus and start your degree program.


      Documents required to apply for Belarus Study Visa

      Following documents required to get a study visa of Belarus.

      1. Visa application form (signed)

      2. Valid passport

      3. Proof of Medical Insurance 

      4. Official letter of invitation from chosen university in Belarus

      5. Proof of accommodation in Belarus

      6. Bank Statement that shows enough funds

      7. All of the educational documents displaying your grades/marks

      8. Your birth certificate


      Ways to get Belarus Study Visa

      • Way #1

      Getting a Belarus Study Visa depends on whether your country has a Belarusian embassy or not. If there is no Belarus embassy, then you will receive a visa on arrival. Provide them with these documents.

      1. Copy of passport pages with personal data

      2. Filled visa application form

      3. Passport photo

      Processing time 

      Up to 5 business days are required for the processing of Belarus Study Visa.


      It will cost up to €90*.

      • Way #2

      Apply through a Belarus embassy in your country then you need to submit these documents.

      1. Completed visa questionnaire

      2. Legal study invitation letter from any of the Belarus universities

      3. Passport with validity for 90-days after the visa expiration date

      Processing time

      It will take a processing time of five business days.


      It will cost up to €60*.


      How will you receive an official study invitation?

      For an official invitation letter from the selected university in Belarus. First thing you have to submit the following documents to your selected university:

      1. Copy of your diploma

      2. Copy of your passport

      3. Study application including your phone, email, home address, and passport information

      4. Medical certificate (issued in your home country)

      5. Report on your HIV test that should not be older than six months

      Note that you can also fill our Assessment form. Click Here Belarus Study Visa Form to begin the process.


      Get into Belarus without any Visa

      Citizens of countries mentioned below can easily get into Belarus without any Visa. 

      • Mongolia
      • Montenegro 
      • People's Republic of China 
      • Qatar 
      • Russia
      • Serbia 
      • Tajikistan
      • Brazil 
      • Cuba 
      • Ecuador
      • Georgia
      • Israel 
      • Kazakhstan
      • Kyrgyzstan
      • Turkey
      • United Arab Emirates 
      • Ukraine
      • Uzbekistan
      • Venezuela 
      • Macedonia
      • Moldova
      • Azerbaijan
      • Argentina 
      • Armenia


      Who can easily avail of the 90-days Study Visa?

      Citizens of the following countries can easily avail of the 90-days Study visa.

      • Venezuela
      • Ukraine
      • Uzbekistan 


      The validity of Belarus Study Visa 

      The validity is usually dependent upon the official invitation from the chosen university. Generally, the validity of the Belarus Study Visa is for 90-days. Once you arrive in Belarus, the university you are studying in will help you in obtaining a temporary residency permit, and it is valid for one year.


      Is it possible to Work in Belarus with Belarus Study Visa? 

      According to the law of Belarusian, it is illegal to work for outsider students with Belarus Study Visa. In order to work in Belarus, you need a Belarus Work Visa.

      Do you want to know about the Belarus Work Visa? Click Here Belarus Work Visa to know about the details of the work visa for Belarus.


      Top 7 Universities of Belarus 

      Here are some top-rated universities in Belarus.

      1. Belarusian State University 

      2. Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno

      3. Belarusian State Medical University 

      4. Belarusian State Pedagogical University 

      5. Belarusian State Economic University 

      6. Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio-electronics 

      7. Belarusian National Technical University


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