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    Argentina Student Visa

    If you want a high quality of education at an affordable cost, Argentina is a perfect place for you.

    Table of Contents

      Argentina is the 8th largest state in the world and has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. It is a fascinating and welcoming country, and here you will have an extensive range of higher education institutions that offer a plethora of study courses. Every year the high standard of education of Argentina attracts students from worldwide. 

      Argentina is a multicultural state, famous for its immense and beautiful landscape, majestic mountain ranges, and alluring land areas. Along with your studies, you can also explore its wide range of stunning national parks, which offers eyeopener nature and scenery.

      If you want to study in Argentina, the first thing you need is to apply for an Argentina Student Visa.


      How to get an Argentina Student Visa?

      To study in Argentina, you need to apply for an Argentina Student Visa (Long-Term Visa). It will allow you to enter and live in the state for more than 90-days or until the completion of your study course. If you want to remain in the country for longer than 90-days, you need to register with the authorities in Argentina just after your arrival and get a residence permit.

      Before applying for a student visa, you must have an acceptance letter from a selected educational institution in Argentina. You need to apply for a student visa at the nearest Argentina embassy in your native state.

      Note that the nationals of various states are allowed to enter Argentina for up to 90-days without a visa.


      What will be the requirements for an Argentina Student Visa?

      You need to have the following documents to apply for an Argentina Student Visa.

      1. Completed Argentina Student Visa Application Form

      2. Valid passport

      3. Passport size photo (4cm x 4cm)

      4. Return flight ticket

      5. Proof of accommodation in Argentina

      6. Evidence of sufficient financial means for stay and studies in Argentina

      7. Proof that shows a visa fee payment

      8. Proof of enrollment in your educational institution (Acceptance letter)

      9. Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Argentina

      10. A certificate of criminal records from the native state

      11. Confirmation of registration of study course in Argentina educational institution

      Please note that this is not the exact list of required documents for an Argentina Student Visa as the requirements for a student visa vary from country to country. 


      What will be the cost of an Argentina Visit Visa?

      It will cost you about €150 to €200.


      What will be the processing time for an Argentina Visit Visa?

      The processing time for an Argentina visa depends on the embassy where you are applying, but usually, it will take about a week for visa processing.


      Is it expensive to live in Argentina?

      The cost of living in Argentina is quite low as compared to many other neighboring states. For a student, usually, it will cost about $1,000 a month for comfortable accommodation.


      The 7 Top Cheapest Universities in Argentina

      The following is the list of some of the best and cheapest universities to study in Argentina.

      1. University of Buenos Aires

      2. Universidad Nacional de la Plata

      3. Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

      4. Universidad Nacional de Quilmes

      5. Universidad Nacional de General San Martín

      6. Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Facultad Regional Córdoba

      7. Universidad del Cema

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