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    Andorra Study Visa

    Beautiful sights and low cost of living make Andorra the best and fascinating place to study.

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      Andorra is a hilly baby country of Europe with an area of only 453 sq. Km. is the 17th-smallest country in the world. The cost of living and study in Andorra is less expensive as compared to other countries and considered very sensible in contrast to other European countries.

      In Andorra, there is a triple education system; it means students who want to study in Andorra have the opportunity to learn a maximum of 4 languages; Catalan, English, French, and Spanish. 


      How to Apply for an Andorra Study Visa?

      The first thing you need to have for studying in Andorra is a study visa. As you already know, Andorra has no airport. So, you can only enter there through France or Spain as it is located between them. Once you arrive in Andorra, all you need is to apply for a student immigration permit. The International Student Service of the University will guide you in the procedure of getting this & Andorra has only one University.


      Who needs a Visa to get into Andorra?

      You may or may not need to have a visa to get into Andorra. There are two conditions.

      • For  non-EU countries

                If you are a citizen of any non-EU country, then you need a travel visa of either France or Spain to get into Andorra, and it must be a double or multiple entry Schengen visas.

      • For EU Countries

                If you belong to any EU country, then you won’t need a visa to get into Andorra. All you need is to have your passport or identity card.


      Documents required to apply for Andorra Study Visa

      You will need to complete the following documents before applying for the Andorra Study Visa.

      1. A legal admission letter from the University

      2. A proof showing that you have adequate funds to study in the country

      3. Proof of payment of tuition fee

      4. Medical insurance

      5. Traveling passport

       You can also fill our Andorra Study Visa Application Form.

      How long will it take?

      Generally, a Schengen Visa takes up to 10 to 15 days for its processing. However, if you want a visa on urgent bases, then it will take less time to process.


      What will be the cost of a Visa for Andorra?

      It will cost only USD 90$.


      What will be the cost of study in Andorra?

      You will have to pay between €750 – €1,800 for undergraduate programs per semester and postgraduate programs will cost between €1,800 and €3,700 per semester.


      What will be the Cost of Living for Students?

      Comparably, it is less expensive to live in Andorra than in other countries in Europe. The exact amount cannot be calculated, but the estimated cost is €1000 monthly.

      So, you should expect to spend an average of  €1000 monthly. It includes the cost of rent, transport, utilities, food, and other expenses.


      Universities in Andorra

      The University of Andorra is the only University in Andorra and is one of the best universities in the world. More than 90% of students who graduate from this University can easily find work before their studies are completed. Before applying for admission, you must have your degrees recognized by the Government of Andorra.


      Subjects offered in University of Andorra

      The University of Andorra offers bachelor and postgraduate degrees in the following departments.

      • Arts and Humanities
      • Business and social sciences
      • Language and Cultural
      • Medicine and Health
      • Engineering
      • Science and technology

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